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Fios eletrônicos


Below you can explore some projects I am currently working on and those I have completed in the past. If you're curious or interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out via any social media platform or e-mail!

More than 100 LEGO® Models

Since 2013, I have developed various LEGO models for educational purposes, events, and consultancy work. I have utilized a range of kits including NXT, EV3, 9656, 9686, WeDo, and WeDo 2.0, among others. Many of these models have been in use for years in numerous schools across Brazil.


An exoskeleton and a humanoid robot made entirely to scale. Created entirely out of LEGO pieces and programmed directly on the EV3. Featuring more than 12 servo motors, 5 EV3 blocks, and through Bluetooth communication and control algorithms such as PID, filters, etc., it was a very challenging and rewarding project.
The prototype was developed in less than 10 days.
I am called to perform periodic maintenance on it every couple of years. Initially made for the BETT educational fair in Brazil.
This was a project done in partnership with Arthur Sacek and Kevyn Tuleu.

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