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Image by Ken Suarez

Victor Daga

Maker, Developer and a Creativity Lover





Brazilian and italian

Formal Education

Mechatronic Technician - ETEC Lauro Gomes

Bachelor in Science and Technology - UFABC


  • Winner of the practical special effects reality show CINELAB Aprendiz 2 - Universal Channel, 2018

  • Finalist/Runner-up in the technology, innovation, and prototyping reality show Solução MTV -
    MTV Brazil, 2023

About me

If I could choose a motto, it would surely be this:

"Perhaps imagination is just intelligence having fun."
George Scialabba, 1983

I started programming at the age of 12 and haven't stopped since, continuously expanding my horizons and knowledge. I was that friend who was always working on some project and made the most crazy presentations at school and college.

I have had the opportunity to work with various types of people and projects over the years, whether it was making ideas come to life at ZOOM LEGO Education or automating processes and finding security loopholes at Itaú Unibanco.
And the coolest part of it all? What I used in both cases was the same thing: creativity, technical knowledge and imagination.

I believe that the most important tool in problem-solving is precisely creativity, as it does not depend on themes, problems, or specific cases. Everything you run through it comes back as new ideas, possibilities, and new ways of seeing the theme as a whole.

Work experience

chaves de fenda


Software engineer

Programming since 2005, I have over a decade of experience in the technology sector. Throughout these years, I have worked for various companies, completing my journey from intern to Tech Lead.

My journey has been marked by professional development and consultancy work. Since 2006, I have been actively participating in technology competitions and events, and I have taken part in numerous hackathons over the years.

My expertise is in FullStack development, utilizing a comprehensive range of technologies including Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, NoSQL, Flask, React, and more. This diverse skill set allows me to contribute effectively across the full spectrum of development tasks.



Undoubtedly, my greatest passion lies in the realm of innovation and creation. From a young age, I began using a screwdriver as soon as I was able to grasp one firmly. I won an award in the FLL (First LEGO League), which became my favorite prototyping tool. Over six years, I developed more than 150 LEGO models, focusing on the educational sector and consultancy (including kits like WeDo, EV3, 9686, 9656). My journey didn't end there; for over eight years, I have been working with 3D printing, laser cutting, and other technologies such as CNC and machining. I continue to participate in robotics competitions until today.


Practical effect technician

Growing up watching MythBusters and winning a reality show in the field of practical special effects revealed to me a path I could pursue in a field notably lacking in technology professionals. Since 2018, I have been a regular participant in audio-visual productions, including both short and feature-length films. I specialize in creating practical effects, such as pyrotechnics, blood, and gunfire, in addition to crafting props that incorporate robotics, electronics, and programming for various purposes.

I've also developed both portable and stationary pneumatic and mechanical devices for a wide range of practical effects.

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